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I provide our latest commercial plywood prices to you, please check the below:


Commercial plywood, Bintangor surface and back, Poplar core, BB/CC grade, E2 Glue, 1220mm x 2440mm, thickness tolerance is +/-0.5mm, Moisture content is 8% to 12%.

12mm: $325/CBM,  $1*.61/SHEET

15mm: $315/CBM,  $1*.06//SHEET

18mm: $305/CBM,  $1*.34//SHEET

Do you have any interests about it?

Your immediate response shall be highly appreciated.


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John Zhang

Sales Manager

Xuzhou Mega Industries Ltd

FSC Certified / CE2+ Certified / CARB Phase 2 Certified/ ISO Certified / SGS certified

Manufacturing Add: Zhangzhuang Town,Pei Xian,Xuzhou city,Jiangsu Province,China

Tel: 0086-516-89873799  Fax: 0086-516-89873799



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